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Prospective Queer Parents

PQP Inactive

Of late, PQP has not been active. Until this changes, this website is in archive mode. Feel free to peruse the website, but please don’t expect a rapid response by contacting PQP.

PQP Charter

The purpose of the Prospective Queer Parents organization is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and a social gathering space for queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) people who are interested in child raising and parenting. Meetings of the organization provide an opportunity for queer people interested in parenting to encounter new friends and potential parenting partners.

PQP Activities

Prospective Queer Parents has the following organizational activities:

PQP regular monthly meetings
PQP email list
PQP members, open list

PQP Resources

This section includes resource information, such as the following:

One introduction to queer parenting
News clippings
Political causes and calls to action
Artificial insemination or alternative fertilization?
Discussion questions prospective parents often ask each other
Sample parenting contracts


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PQP Links

This is a list of links to websites of other parenting resources:

Email Lists for Queer Parents and Prospective Parents

A variety of queer parenting email lists are available on the email lists page.

Queer Parenting Organizational Links

Alternative Family Institute: formerly the Alternative Family Project. Devoted to the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals in couples and families
COLAGE: for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender parents
Family Pride Coalition: formerly Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International
Gay Family Options: A parenting resource for gay and lesbian families in the making.
Gay & Lesbian Adoptive Family Study: A parenting resource for gay and lesbian in the process of adopting.
Lesbian Mothers Support Society (Canada)
Our Family San Francisco Bay Area Lesbian and Gay Family Group
GFSF San Francisco Bay Area Gay Fathers and Prospective Fathers Group
OAC: Washington State organization recruiting foster and adoptive families, including GBLT
Rainbow Flag Health Services: known donor sperm bank serving the gay & lesbian community of the San Francisco Bay Area
Yahoo search engine list of queer parenting links

We have heard about queer parenting groups in London (called Pink Link) and Paris. If you have contact information for those organizations, please let us know by emailing links@queerparents.org.

Websites of Queer Parents and Prospective Parents

Alan and son: Steve and Alan raise him together!
Will's story

Queer Parenting Publications

Gay Parent Magazine: a resource for lesbians and gay men who are, or wish to be parents
Proud Parenting: The founder of Alternative Family Magazine proudly brings you its successor, Proud Parenting, addressing the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents-and their families

Surrogacy Links

Tiny Treasures: An agency that helps gay prospective parents find egg donors
Surrogacy Pathways: An surrogacy agency for both straight and gay couples
Ova the Rainbow: an egg donation and surrogacy agency
Growing Generations: a commercial gay and lesbian surrogacy service
Potential Egg Donor or Surrogate: A healthy 23 year old willing to donate eggs and possibly serve as a surrogate mom for a non-traditional couple
Potential Gestational Surrogate: A 31 year old mom working for traditional and non-traditional couples
Potential Gestational Surrogate: A 28 year old mom blonde hair, gray eyes, of Swedish/German descent available for gay male couple of single man. Contact :TiffMar4CA@aol.com

Other Parenting Links

Alternative-Families: a site dedicated to Share Families, which are non-cohabitating, non-intimate male/female couples that partner to bear and raise their own biological children. Both parents may or may not have intimate partners and both may or may not be gay
Parenthood Web: non-queer-oriented parenting site
FatherNet: The University of Minnesota's Children, Youth and Family Consortium

Exchange Links from Sites Not Listed Above

LittleFish.info: home insemination resources for lesbians
Maia Midwifery: dedicated to helping the LGBT community with preconception, birth, adoption, parenting, etc.
Mystic Women: a web resource for alternative families

To add a link, please e-mail links@queerparents.org. Add one or two lines describing your link.

Contacting PQP

For more information about Prospective Queer Parents and how to attend a meeting, please email meetings@queerparents.org.

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