Artificial Insemination or Alternative Fertilization?

Most often, the process of obtaining sperm from a man for use by a woman who does not want to copulate with the man is called "artificial insemination". I would like to make a case for the use of the term "alternative fertilization" instead.

First of all, since the process of wanting to insert sperm into the vagina or directly to the uterus without copulating is a perfectly natural process, there is no reason to refer to it as "artificial". It is not the most common way of getting pregnant, so it is reasonable to refer to it as an "alternative" method.

Secondly, the word "insemination" derives from the root word meaning "semen". This implies that the process of having a baby is focused more on the sperm than on the egg, when in fact, both are required and equally important. For that reason, the term "fertilization" is a more unbiased and accurate term for the process.

Alternative fertilization is a process used by thousands of people for a wide variety of reasons. There is no need to consider it abnormal or focused solely on sperm as suggested by the use of artificial insemination.

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